May 31, 2018 | in Fitness, Business

1. Pick a cool location or at least make it sound cool

The world is your oyster, so take advantage of it! There are so many unique places to gather some friends and clients for a sesh, you just have to do the research. Check out bloggers in the area to discover new places in your community.

But we understand that not every session can be hosted on oceanside cliffs or at a skate park because of scheduling and convenience, so the another great way is to talk up your local spot! Take high-res photos of the area and of you doing some stretches/workouts. In the About section, talk about the benefits of your workout and why your location is perfect for it.

For example, if you’re hosting a sesh at the beach, get your clients in the mindset before they even arrive:


Just imagining the peaceful sound of the waves has us frothing for this sunset beach yoga sesh hosted by Nicole Paul!

2. Incorporate other activities

Brewery Yoga. Yoga and wine. Hike and flow. The opportunities are endless. Not being tied down to a gym or a studio means that you have the freedom to do any class you want! Get those creative juices flowing, and brainstorm some fun activities to incorporate into your next sesh.

Clients come to GO SESH to find a class that gets them out of the studio and into an environment with like-minded people looking for a good time. By mixing up your practice with painting or wine, people will flock to you.

Get inspired by some of these trainers:

o_tiGsnesHs4LZzCdOe4KxfpN7yeJGlzHJfmWlfMm0EOjLxDrZWXqMY3VYjpUgM9zJAYnA5lJz01w-aeh2tTTiVvD6y6LJtx28b4jK2rFbOQrFi9vrV6N18kvyKGN_4FPJWVTd_BAlyssa Capuano integrated beer into her yoga practice by hosting GoodVibesVinyasa at the Brewery in Boston. She's mixing a little workout with a little fun! 

fLqBSWEuw3-LxjRsBN_GZOey5Lh5MlRcCHaZ6PopfsjU2Eax-5yT_Xn_xC1iLJoAs9dWX_Zw4gbuRt7SQCh9ZtBngK9tclvqvvX0EFytMrq5DpAu2H7i0oWBjMNxLNiQ1b5k_v2tLit Yoga, California's first cannabis studio, infuses CBD products into their practice and occasionally host beach clean-ups in Venice. Their beach clean-ups are free events featuring cannabis products, snacks, and an easy flow.

UJWhbE0bar1iDEYuD6pjVoMSqJv4zuss16bJC8tsR3HRReeuB-OcMDXhUZtd5ptFuOxB3IgigNy2ByRK2OiXh7JxYxgGL1vr2Ay03QTvRuwNByjwRggzzu5oHY4ysmYZtkdP4XN-Tarzan and Sprout, an acro duo, hosted a workshop in Santa Monica. Their ticket price included the workshop and a catered Sweetgreen lunch!

3. Connect with your clients

Get to know each and every client that comes to your sesh. This will boost group morale and grow your client base. When you genuinely connect with your clients, they’ll want to come back, and even better, they’ll tell their friends and family about you and your class!

Your sesh can feel even more exclusive by offering your clients private promo codes that our team can create for you.

At gyms and studios, clients aren’t necessarily interested in talking to the person next to them on the treadmill or yoga mat. It’s up to you to create a welcoming environment for your clients to have a rewarding experience.

Trainers like Pete Neumann has created a tight-knit community with his bootcamps, and even snaps a picture of his clients after every session and posts it on his Instagram!