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Apr 17, 2019 | in Lifestyle, Business


Invite Your Clients to GO SESH

Whether you have 2 clients or 100, migrate your entire client list  to invite them to join the GO SESH platform.

· Ask all your current clients to book into your sessions through your GO SESH platform.

Once you've added all your clients onto your platform, you can group message them!

· Start the momentum, get your clients in the habit of booking into your sessions online!

Psst - need some extra help migrating your list? Ask your Account Manager for assistance.

Add your Clients


Share Your Session Link

Have you read May the Sesh Be With You


Promote, Promote, Promote

Start with free promotions on your Social Media Platforms.

· Start promoting your sesh a week to two in advance, know your audience! Are they more likely to book when they're given ample time to plan or are they more likely to book a few days before the sesh?

· Make sure your sesh description sounds exciting and has enough details to let your client know what to expect from the sesh!

· Post attention-grabbing photos / videos to promote.

· Always remember to include a Call to Action (CTA) to your session page booking link! (CTA example: Swipe Up to Book, Click on the link in bio)

· Promote via Instagram through IG Stories, create Highlights, Add posts that have a CTA to "Click link in bio to book"

Have a budget set aside for marketing? Consider paying for some digital advertising!




Word of Mouth

Use your network to spread the word. Word of mouth builds credibility. 

· Ask your clients, friends, and family to share your sesh on their social media.

· Create an IG story, then have your clients screenshot it and share it in their stories and 'Mention you in their story'

· When your clients book into your sesh, have them share it on their Instagram Stories and have them 'Mention you in their story'

· Share your client's stories to your own story if they 'mention you in their story' - click 'ADD THIS TO YOUR STORY" in your messages

· Have your clients, friends, and family SHARE your Facebook events!


Create Flyers

Although we are in the digital age, print media can be successful as long as it is created to a target-specific audience.

· Be clear on who your target audience is.

· Pass your flyers out in locations your audience populates and ask local businesses if you can leave your flyer on their bulletin boards. 

· Use tools like Canva or other online tools to create your flyers!

· Include a captivating image, your offerings (location, date, time, price, description) and encourage digital interactions - ie. Book through link in Instagram Bio @instagramhandle 


Grow Locally

Collaborate with local businesses in your area that have a similar ethos as your business.

· Offer to promote their business on your social media and vise versa.

· Is there a local farmer's market, a juice bar that you love, a brewery that has a space for you to host your sessions?

·Think creatively and stay true to your brand. 

· Check out Lit Yoga! They are a great example of collaborating locally. Local businesses donate their products to Lit Yoga so they can share them at their sessions to attract more clients.


MVP Members Only

GO SESH will email you every time a new client signs up in your area!

We have created a Send An Offer feature for you to reach out to them by sending them an offer to one of your upcoming sessions! We've designed "offers" to come in the form of a promo code so you can choose whether a client can come to your session for $10 OFF , $20 OFF, or 50% OFF !


Your Digital Presence

Have a website that has a lot of traffic? Request a customized embedded schedule!

No website? No problem.

· Use your GO SESH Profile as your website and grow your digital presence with your booking platform!

· Your profile displays ALL your offerings and social networks in one page, accepts online payment, and store all your clients' information once they book with you. 

Edit Your Profile


Continue the Momentum

Have a plan. Once you acquire a new client, how do you retain clients

  1. State your offerings
  2. Focus on the benefits of your services
  3. Create promotions and share them with new and loyal clients
  4. Host epic events that are true to you that make a lasting impression
  5. Create a referral program
  6. Be consistent. 

Bigger Picture

A client base will grow only if you put in the time and effort to share your brand and build your credibility. Be authentic and always have a plan of action for each step of your relationship with your client. Focus on your clients benefits and profit will soon follow. And always remember, be consistent to keep up the momentum!


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