Hosting Classes That Are True To You

Jun 30, 2018 | in Fitness, Business

We're froth'n to hear that you're looking to host the most epic experiences that represent your brand! At GO SESH, we want you to host the classes you've always wanted but never had the resources to. 

This is your chance to add a sesh true to you

However creative and outside of the box, there's a place on our site for it.

Here is a creative guide to hosting classes that are true to you.

Always loved beer but didn't see how you could incorporate it into fitness? Host Brewery Yoga!

Have a love for DIY wellness products? Host a DIY workshop your own way!

With the help of our platform, you are able to create a location anywhere on the map for your class. It's now up to your creativity to host the class where, when and how you want! 


We've had some unique classes on our site, just to mention a few: Aphrodisihacks, Skate Park Yoga, cannabis-infused yoga, HITT training on the beach. Check out some of the below videos of our favorite sessions to the range of hosting possibilities

With some of those classes in mind, now ask yourself:

1. What are some of your hobbies/passions that you want to include in your sessions? 

2. What type of atmosphere do YOU love being in/working out/teaching/training in?

3. Is your personality more drawn to the city or more drawn to nature?

4. When is your favorite time of day?

5. What previous experiences have YOU loved and want to share with others?

Once you've truly answered those questions, you're almost ready to add a sesh! 


These last 3 TIPS FOR A BETTER SESH will help you be ready to host a sesh that's true to you! 

1. Pick a Cool Location (or at least make it sound cool)

2. Incorporate Other Activities

3. Connect with you Clients

FYI, we created the feature to post your sesh location to the Public or Hide Your Sesh Location until your clients sign up! 

You can be apart of our epic class list!

We encourage you to get outside and host the fitness class

that allows you to have the most fun and express your brand. 

Need some city or outdoor inspo? 

Escape the Mundane - ADD A SESH!