Jun 13, 2018 | in Business

Want to take your sessions to the next level?

Try collaborating with a company, product, or brand. Collaborations are a great way to increase your current audience and engage with your community.

Don’t know how to collab or who to collab with? We gotchu.

Grow Your Brand

First things first, grow your brand/practice and your client list. It’s important to refine your base before expanding into new ventures, like sponsorships. Don’t worry about the number, focus on engagement. If you’re audience (no matter the size) is engaged, then you’re more appealing to brands. Interact on social media, reply to comments, like and follow related accounts, and post incredible content frequently! Read more on social media growth here.

What are you Interested In?

Make a list of companies and products that interest you and fit your vibes. There’s nothing worse than a influencer talking about a product that is completely unrelated to their content. A vegan promoting a burger joint? Nah. A traveler advertising a tourism account? Oh ya! Whatever your message is should be reflected in your sponsor. And remember, which brands would your clients and followers LOVE and want to know more about? (Learn more about developing your brand with our 5 steps)

TIP! Not sure where to start when it comes to brands and companies?

Think outside the box

Lululemon and Athleta are cool and all, but they’re huge national brands that could be out of reach. Start small and local. Smaller brands and companies would love organic exposure and are easier to partner with. Yoga cooperative Three Sisters Yoga in Fresno, CA partnered withwivv8JAc3FkJor5l00ketCsqO4ph13vjbrE3myHn61HluGqkcx06uZoLX9fbSHkFTbUoJBpQrqBAzlUD-tRhv-NLeXbJcAt19E221RTwcFab0yN2serdAZF8etm58V6E_CIdAD-M their local general store to host a workshop. By staying local, their event got a lot of community buzz and was packed!

Don’t forget digital companies and products

The internet is your oyster. So many businesses exist solely online (don’t have their own brick and mortar store), so don’t forget about them! Yoga mats like Innerbloom, protein bars such as RX Bars and Eat Your Coffee, etc. all need advertising.

Time to Contact

First impressions are crucial. You don’t want to overwhelm with an essay about yourself, but you don’t want to be boring. Keep it short, fun, and to the point. Instagram direct messaging is a great way to connect with a company, but don’t forget the traditional email which can include more information about you.

Give the brand a week to reply; if they haven’t, send a follow-up. If they’re interested, great! If not, don’t be discouraged and keep knocking on doors until someone answers!

Get inspired and check out who these GO SESH trainers are collaborating with:


Lit Yoga, California’s first cannabis studio, partnered with Mondo, Jambo Superfoods, and Eat Green LA at their latest beach clean-up. All companies are CBD or cannabis focused.



Paige’s sesh, P.E. Bootcamp, is in partnership with Athleta, Cava and Healthworks. At every workout, you receive coupons, samples, and swag! And at the end of each session, they perform a ‘Be Here’ mindfulness sponsored by Cava.



Personal Trainer Luana is an Instagram influencer. She posts amazing content of her life in Hawaii, as well as, promotes her classes. She partnered with Lanikai Brewing for her Bottoms Up Fitness Class! After your workout, you’ll receive 15% off your bar tab.