Make your Passion your Paycheck

Apr 16, 2018 | in Fitness, Lifestyle, Business

Ever wanted to work for yourself but never really knew how?

Don’t let it scare you, because we’ve got your back. GO SESH is for the entrepreneurial trainer who strives to be ambitious, innovative, adventurous, and inclusive.

Ambitious because they’re taking the plunge and working for themselves to follow their passions, with the hope that their brand takes off. Innovative because they’re changing the idea of fitness. Adventurous because they’re hosting sessions all over the world. And inclusive because they’re connecting with the environment and the community the way studios and gyms fall short.

bwOvymVz7biCYMK9DLQFMt1g7E5x6-zx0e3AmYjxLSbv2DDfEB6AThNye224XbqJanWKv5eL1MU7dZJhTDcJZ5LPG_ppCgJxeFm9FMTAvmJR-VmgiVvRBVKdBsjwzgBgStj9l8tCWe live in a society where the outdoors and people are more accessible than ever but aren’t utilized nearly enough as they should. Our trainers are hosting classes at breweries, on the beach, and in mountains.  Hang out with friendly folks at Downward Grog: A brewery yoga experience, where the yoga flows and the kegs are tapped. Offering a unique class in the taprooms of breweries in Los Angeles, Downward Grog allows you to get in a workout and grab a drink with your friends in one outing!  

They’re exposing people to new fitness and wellbeing practices, like cannabis-infused yoga and acroyoga. Get high on life and yoga at Lit Yoga in Venice, CA**. “We really want to educate people about how to self-medicate. Yoga is about looking inwards and seeing what your needs are,” says founder Hannah Mason. “Using cannabis and yogic philosophy helps you know your body best.” Lit Yoga provides a safe space for people to experiment with different healing techniques in their studio. VwZiwjladmO_nAU52Czbyf59DFay-tu95cA9hTQt79GqibyYghHOtpJvJdxREegY-ie5WMMb6WfUTZ4RHYOhH9ysWO1-EM8XYK4LQAFGBexP1gQCtFnVndLBWrbCJBbdwkDbKuKa

To be an entrepreneur, you have to believe in yourself and your craft. People respond to those who exude confidence and passion. At GO SESH, trainers are encouraged to be unique, and to really take their fitness practices into their own hands and not be tied down to a gym or a studio, so they can host their sessions anywhere in the world.

GO SESH looks to escape the mundane and provide a service for like-minded people. GO SESH is a home for trailblazers and adventurers.

Want to join?

* *Disclaimer: Recreational marijuana is legal in California for people 21 and over.