Jul 30, 2018 | in Lifestyle, Business

Ever wonder how you can organize all your social media platforms as an entrepreneur?

Our most successful instructors have been linking their GO SESH booking platform to their personal website and all social media accounts. This helps to direct all your client traffic from your multiple social media platforms into one media - your booking platform! All your clients get directed to your GO SESH profile which provides all your session information, directly books-in/checks-in your clients, and immediately collects payment from your clients. Your clients are just one click away to increasing your check-ins!

This is a step-by-step to linking GO SESH with the most popular social media platforms:

· Personal Website

· Instagram

· Facebook

· Linktree


 Let's get your social media linked up to your GO SESH profile! 


For personal websites, the GO SESH Design Team can create a custom Embedded Schedule for all MVP members! What is an Embedded Schedule? It is a live schedule directly embedded into your personal website. They're a great way to organize your classes, make it easier for clients to check-in, and strengthens your personal branding! We customize the colors and imagery to your brand along with providing the code to place into your website! If you need help with it, the GO SESH Design Team is always available to help you embed it! 


Check out LIT YOGA and HOLISTIC FIT CARLSBAD's Embedded Schedules in action! 

  1. Reach out to us if you'd like an Embedded Schedule
  2. Include your website URL address so the Design Team can check out your brand/color scheme
  3. Gather 3-5 high-definition images (a few vertical, a few horizontal) and your logo (if you have one)
  4. Expect an email from the Design Team asking for your images!


Instagram has some great features to help promote your fitness and wellness business: 

· Bio link in profile

· Posts

· Instagram Stories

· Highlights



  1. Place your website link in your profile; it is as simple as copy & pasting the link when you click EDIT PROFILE.
  2. Use this feature to your advantage and place the link to your embedded schedule or the link to your upcoming GO SESH session page!
  3. Take advantage of using the call to action "LINK IN BIO" if you create an Instagram Story or Post a picture about

· Post your GO SESH PROFILE URL link (this link shows ALL your sessions) 
· Post your SESSION PAGE URL link (this link shows a SPECIFIC class page)


Your Instagram Posts are a way to develop your business portfolio.

  1. Make sure your content is crisp, original, and on brand! It doesn't make sense to promote that you're a fitness entrepreneur then post pictures of you playing beer pong.
  2. Keep your Instagram Posts relevant, interesting, and full of personality! Include images of you teaching the sesh, cool angles, great backgrounds, and don't forget your clients!
  3. And remember, use your call to action "LINK IN BIO" to help promote any new sessions you've posted!


Instagram Stories are the perfect way to stay connected to all your follower's Instagram Feeds. Instagram Stories allow you to post more than once a day (without becoming an annoyance to your followers), show off your personality, and show off what your clients and community could be doing with you! Create a little fomo ;)  


  1. Promote your upcoming session through your IG Story. Include: name of your session, date, time, cost, location, call to action
  2. Call to action: (in advertising material) a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive (e.g. book now, click link in bio)
  3. "SWIPE UP" feature allows you to directly connect a URL link to your story - you must have a verified account or 10k+ followers. A verified account - a verified badge appears next to an Instagram account's name - meaning that Instagram has confirmed that it is an authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.
  4. Highlights can be a perfect selling tool for your sessions! If you're hosting a weekly session create a Highlight button with the session name, include a highlight story that has a list of the time and dates, plus heaps of the videos/pictures you took of the sesh!
  5. Again, don't forget about your call to action "LINK IN BIO".


Facebook is known to be an effective platform for businesses. When using Facebook Business, think of it as your business website without building the actual website. It helps create relationships, builds a channel of communication, provides Facebook Insights, and over anything else - it's marketing your business for free! This is why linking your GO SESH booking platform to your facebook page will benefit you.


  1. When you create events, there is a section titled 'TICKETS'. The Ticket URL will be the URL link that connects clients to your GO SESH Session Page where they can book directly into your sesh!
  2. GO SESH also creates & promotes Facebook Events for all sessions added by MVP Members! We always invite the MVP Instructor to Co-host the event. 


  1. Whenever you add a new session on GO SESH, always share your GO SESH session page on your News Feed! This will reach out to your whole Facebook community and increase your check-ins.
  2. The GO SESH Platform has Social Media share buttons for easy sharing to all your social media accounts! 


Linktree is a free tool created for your Instagram bio's one link feature! It gathers up to 5 links then creates a Linktree URL.

  1. Copy and paste that Linktree URL into your Instagram bio!
  2. Don't forget, before you add your Linktree URL to your Instagram bio, set your GO SESH profile or GO SESH session page as the first link!