Protect your Fit’repreneur Business

Jun 24, 2019 | in Business

Now, we’re not lawyers but we do know that having your clients sign a liability waiver is the first step to protecting your business. 

What is a liability waiver? 

A fitness waiver is a liability waiver completed by a client participating in a fitness program or class. The waiver is intended to release the trainer from liability for any injuries during an event or session hosted by the trainer. Once the waiver is signed, the client who signed waives the legal liability of the trainer if they get hurt during their participation. 

Some of the basics to include in your waiver:

  • - Client Information

  • - Write a waiver document as specific as possible to your business and offerings 

  • - Explain their safety 

  • - Explain the risks

  • - Require a signature for the release of liability

  • - Date

  • - Include waivers for minors and require a parent signature

Always do your research to create a liability waiver that best fits your business or work with a lawyer!

Online Resources

There are a lot of great resources found online for creating your own liability waivers.

FormSwift - has a step-by-step platform to create a liability waiver. FormSwift offers a variety of free legal forms ranging from personal businesses to tax forms. 

FormTemplates - allows you to create a template based on your state

Add a digital liability waiver onto your GO SESH platform to protect your business! 

Once your waiver is created, add it in your MY PROFILE section.