Jun 21, 2018 | in Fitness, Travel

Living in a big city means that wide open spaces are scarce and brainstorming ideas to hold a class can seem like the toughest feat ever. But don’t fret, we have some ideas!

Check out what are trainers are doing, and get inspired!


Located in Boston, Paige hosts her P.E. Bootcamp at Eliot Norton Park. Cities, like Boston, may not have large green spaces, but they still have plenty of parks with grass areas, basketball courts, etc. perfect for group workouts.

New York City has 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and rec facilities, so there’s definitely no shortage of outdoor spaces. Yoga teacher Peter Lyons hosts his sesh at Washington Square Park in SoHo.



Get breathtaking views, and a host a sesh on a rooftop! Yoga teacher Samara Zelniker holds her Rooftop Yoga sesh on a roof in Los Angeles, the urban alternative to the beach.



Also located in Los Angeles, personal trainer Pete Neumann uses an outdoor staircase to give his clients a killer workout. Stairs are so simple, and if you live in a hilly city, like San Francisco, there are plenty of them, most notably the Lyon Street Steps.


Community Spaces + Studios

Fortunately for big cities, there are many community spaces that anyone can rent out. Kimberley Reyes, in San Francisco, is hosting her 108 Salutations - Summer Solstice session at the Nexus Center, an open layout venue in the middle of the city.

In Downtown LA, yoga teacher Laura King is hosting a yoga and deep house music event at Astroetic Studios, a beautiful space that you can customize for any class, workshop, etc.


Your Own Living Space

If you have the space, why not host a sesh at your house or apartment. Odds are you probably already have a workout spot in your home, so transform it into a bigger sanctuary for others to enjoy. One of the first sessions GO SESH ever hosted was in a lounge room in a flat in London.

Szilvia Campbell turned her backyard into a yoga sanctuary and now has an at-home practice. Read more about her space in her trainer spotlight.


In cities, the opportunities are endless, so get out there, and escape the mundane!