Jun 26, 2018 | in Trainer spotlights, Fitness, Lifestyle


“Alive, accomplished, and energetically full.”

This is how Go Sesh trainer and Hawaii-native Kanani Kroll wants you to feel after one of her sessions. Whether you’re sweating it out in the sun at a beach fit camp on Venice Beach, or a personal training session in Hawaii, you’ll be sure to get a fitness experience for your mind, body and soul. With everything she does, Kanani embodies “Aloha” which directly translates into English as the “joyful sharing of life energy”. Kanani tells us how she implements this into her daily life and into her fitness coaching.

“The ocean, the food [we eat], and the importance of family / ohana...we are our own healers and we MUST take/make the time to take care of ourselves. Movement, prayer, meditation, and rest is how I stay connected to "Mana" (power).

Since turning to fitness as her personal medicine 10 years ago, Kanani has grown both her personal training business and beach community. She’s trained singer Colbie Caillat (check out her personalized workout in Fitness Magazine) and gymnast Shawn Johnson all while starting her B Fearless fitness camps. Kanani knew she wanted to share her love of beach fitness with her clients and those looking to stay fit around her.


“I wanted to help people the way that fitness has helped me. When I was training Barry Bonds, we worked out in the sand every Friday. I was in the best shape of my life. So I felt it was important to share that workout experience the people who wanted to join me.”

You can catch Kanani and her B Fearless community on Saturday’s at 9:30am PST in Marina Del Rey


Check out her playlist to pump up for her next sesh HERE

Click here to view Kanani’s full schedule on Go Sesh. See ya on the beach soon!