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You don’t have to get high to get elevated.

But… if you want to, you better check out Lit Yoga Studio in Venice, California.

At Lit Yoga, you’ll find a community dedicated to teaching the public about the therapeutic and connective properties of marijuana. It’s a place where you can practice your downward dog, experiment in a judgement-free zone, and ultimately join a supportive and fun community. You might’ve never heard of cannabis-infused yoga because Lit is the first, yes, first cannabis-infused yoga studio in California.



Studio owners Hannah Mason and Julian Brand created Lit Yoga when they saw a need to change the way cannabis was perceived outside of the wellness industry. Mason shares that when they first thought of the idea. “[We wanted to] bring a space together where people could explore cannabis in a way that felt free and safe and bringing education into that”(Merry Jane News). Along with this education, students are able to work on their yoga practice with Lit’s highly-trained instructors and meet like-minded yogis.

Each class begins with a 20-minute cannabis ceremony designed to give clients the freedom to choose from a variety of cannabis options, including teas, edibles and pre-rolled joints. The goal of the ceremony is to enhance students’ experience with both music and flows.



“We find that students in our cannabis yoga classes are more connected to their breath, more embodied, and more willing to try new things. New thoughts emerge, concealed emotions become revealed, and the potential for healing is much more potent,” says Mason.

One of Lit’s main goals is to create a mindful community, where cannabis users and yogis alike can connect with one another. According to co-founder Julian, Lit Yoga is “a place we’re fostering where people can have a deeper connection with themselves where cannabis is just a tool to do that.” To further strengthen community bonds, Lit Yoga hosts events outside of the studio such as community beach clean ups in Venice Beach. Check out the last clean up event they held here.


There’s a reason Lit Yoga’s been mentioned in Time Out and Merry Jane News. Rolling Stone Magazine recently described Lit as an, “entire studio devoted to the intersection of stretching, cannabis and mindfulness.” Always wanted to incorporate cannabis into your yoga practice? Lit also offers a series of teacher trainings for individuals who are interested in bringing cannabis into their teaching or personal practice. The training includes education on marijuana, the history of yoga and cannabis, essential oils, hands-on adjustments, business development, legality, and class structure and sequencing. The trainings are led by Lit veteran instructors Hannah Mason and Vance Vlasek. You’ll be frothin’ with the guide of these epic teachers.

Check out Lit's latest beach clean up in the video HERE

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If you want to sign up or have any other questions about the teacher trainings, reach out to [email protected].