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Teacher Meghan Barnard creates an atmosphere that leaves her students feeling energized from her playlists, calm from her teachings, and accomplished from their work. She hopes to spread verve and fire to her students as they leave their mats, bringing it out into the world to inspire others on their own yoga journey. 

As Meghan's sons grew up, she looked at the 'empty nesting' stage in life as a new adventure. "...I was looking for a way to use all my passions and life experiences of dance, yoga, and massage therapy to use my time, stay fit, and to help others". 



Starting as a dancer and dance instructor of all forms, with an emphasis on ballet, Meghan found her way to yoga. She explored more opportunities and found the perfect combination of her physical practices of ballet and yoga in teaching barre! She brings her creative approach with mini balls and hand weights, setting the class to an energizing and current playlist.

The creativity extends to her yoga playlists - or lack thereof! Depending on the vibes, Meghan chooses to not use a playlist. She believes that music and sound are essential, transferring into the practice in a positive and impactful way. How does she create such an impact? Sometimes it may be in a singing bowl or tribal drums. Solely using just words and lyrics. The ebb and flow of a soothing song for Sun Salutations. Tribal drums to build to a powerful pose. It may simply be the breath that helps guide the practice. She creates layers through the build-up and retreating of complementary beats and rhythms; she also creates layers through the power of silence. Don't get her wrong though, she's a master at creating a killer playlist for a spontaneous break out in a dance or sing-a-long!



The driving force of Meghan's creative inspiration is from her students. As a barre teacher, "what really inspires me is when a student tells me they were a dancer in their youth, and it feels AMAZING to be back at the barre again. For this reason, all my barre classes will have a very strong element of dance in them."

As a yoga teacher, it's the student's grin of accomplishment from trying "that pose" or the yoga community sharing the triumph of an individual that brings her the most energy to teach. The welcoming atmosphere she creates for her students allows them "to only do what their body allows them to do and fully know it's okay to honor it in the place they are in that moment..." but she also encourages her students to "feel comfortable and safe to take chances and to step outside of their norms, push their edge and discover what their beautiful bodies can do with a little nudge from me. [You are] never too old to re-invent yourself..."

"Yoga doesn't know age"

Meghan has taught groups for corporate team building, individual and personal growth, and for different physical experiences; ages ranging from a span of 20-70 years old. From these yoga teachings, she witnessed strangers become best friends, acquaintances become cheerleaders and new communities of support and collaborations form. 

"For me, the best part is how yoga brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences in life and for one common goal."



"Anyone can start their yoga journey at any time AND in any place. Yoga meets you right where you are, Literally. I can teach yoga from anywhere, and you can find classes everywhere. And that to me is epic."

Coming from an Air Force family, Meghan found something that was portable, unique, and cultural. It was a unique opportunity for Meghan to teach in a variety of places and venues all over the country and abroad. Through the teachings of some amazing individuals she came across from travels, Meghan built her own yoga tribe. As she continuously built her yoga tribe, classes evolved into retreats and events - with a future plan to branch out into international locations!

"I do love to travel and I've traveled a lot so it is hard to choose just one, but Ubud Bali is absolutely Epic. The energy and vibe is surreal, the people are humble and friendly, its safe, the food is super healthy and world class and the landscape is SO lush. The best way to describe it would be majestic. Words could never do it justice, one has to experience it first hand. I had the opportunity of spending a month there recently and taught a handful of classes at a retreat center. I intend to go back to host my own yoga retreat there. Costa Rica, Todos Santos BCS, and Ko Samui Thailand are the runners up!"



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