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Entrepreneur, Ownership Coach, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell specialist, Animal Flow mobility specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, founder of Gertner Grind...Danielle Gertner does it all!

Danielle is a mix of South Florida sass and hippie love child; building a holistic platform that challenges the mainstream approach to wellness and inspires people to see the world as their gym. She is an entrepreneur and ownership coach inspiring people to take ownership over their lives and their wellness journeys.

Holistic Health


"Leadership is communicating others' worth and potential so clearly they are inspired to see it in themselves." -Stephen Covey 

Her approach to holistic health goes way beyond personal training. She is a habit changer and understands that deep-rooted change comes when you find synergy between your body, mind and soul. Fitness is just one way of tapping into that power.

With unparalleled energy and spice, whether you are looking for a transformational workout program or a way to excite your team's atmosphere, she is absolutely someone you want to bring on board!

Over the last four years, through customized workout programs, workshops, retreats and special events, on topics ranging from Owning Your Grind to Habit Transformation and Goal Setting, Danielle and her team have worked with a variety of individuals to build a foundation for lifelong transformation. Learn to harness initiative, creativity and adaptability through the educational approach Danielle and her team have strived to build.

“Unleash your potential and change your world. It's grind time!”

Gertner Grind


“I am inspired by that 'aha' moment people get when [people] realize they have the power to take ownership over their lives. I am inspired by guiding people to recognize their full potential. I am inspired by shattering what people think they know about health and wellness. I am inspired by meeting people where they are and showing them how smart, capable and deserving they are. I am inspired by the grind. By chipping away at the fluff I’ve been taught and discovering + unleashing my own true potential.”

When Danielle was attending the University of Florida, she found that working out filled her heart the way sports did. After trying out her first bootcamp class during her freshman year, she went every day, leaving stronger mentally and physically. Wanting to share that feeling with others she created Gator Grind, a bootcamp for Gators, Gainesvillians and guests. It started off small, dragging her friends to sweat in the Florida heat but then quickly gained traction. This October, Danielle will be celebrating FOUR years of grinding. 

“While leading those bootcamps, I had never felt so fulfilled and inspired to show people a different side of fitness. My senior year, I turned down 2 full time job offers and launched Gertner Grind on a mission to inspire people to see the world as their gym and make wellness fit THEIR world, no matter what that world looked like.”

She created and led 15 bootcamps a week across the city over the past 3 years. The grind developed to leading bootcamps, training 2 collegiate teams at Santa Fe College, creating and leading 3 online programs with Grinders from all over the world, a traveling movement and music festival (hi KINECTION) and Ownership (Own Your Shit is the title of one of them) workshops all over the world.

Working out made Danielle understand the power of initiative, education, perseverance and creativity. Working out has taught her the power of ownership and made her “hungrier to inspire people everywhere and to untap the power that already exists within them.”

Creating the Experience


Danielle’s initial intention behind working out was first driven by the physical results. Then, she fell in love with the power she created from workouts and learned her ability to harness that power to rebuild herself from the inside out. 

From rebuilding that power within herself, she shares that energy to empower others. 

“You have SO MUCH power within you. Open your heart and your mind and OWN YOUR S#IT. Own your power, your personality, your hopes, dreams, desires, likes and dislikes. Own it loud and proud.”

Since Danielle found a way to create a powerful experience for herself, she was given the opportunity to lead a retreat for the Florida Leadership Academy at UF, which is a business professional organization for the top 100 sophomores in the business school. Danielle was chosen to create an experience that would set the tone for the students’ experience for the rest of their year. This solidified her passion for creating growth experience for others. From there, she has gone on to leading unforgettable experiences... leading an Own Your Shit + Crystal F*cking Clarity workshop in Costa Rica, Animal Flow class in Mexico, KINECTION tour events/traveling/planning. 

“SO much to be grateful for.”

The Kinection Tour


Danielle has done it again by creating an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience during The Kinection Tour. 

KINECTION is traveling movement and music festival that started with her soul sister/partner Sarah Gaines. 

Danielle and Sarah bonded over their passions, purpose, sass, and hunger to create a big scale impact. After deciding to travel the country together leading pop-up bootcamps and 10 months of planning, KINECTION was born. They set off to bring the magic to 13 cities across the country, creating an opportunity for people to KINECT to their bodies, minds and communities. 

KINECTION brings together different movement artists, musicians, creatives and local wellness brands to throw a happy and healthy party! 

Join the Grind.


Connect with Danielle on so many levels and join the Grind!

Online Programs

She offers three 90-day transformation programs that she leads through an app so you can train with her all over the world.

Grow Your Glutes with Gert + Grind

Tone + Get Toned

Grow Confident

Speaking + Workshops + Events

Like her sass? Experience it with your friends/colleagues. She offers two speciality workshops, Own Your Shit and Crystal F*cking Clarity, where she guides you on how to take ownership over your life. She also speak at events, team meetings and conferences.

She is always planning new events in Gainesville and around the country. If you are interested in planning or attending an event with her, send her a message! 


Keep an eye out for bootcamps around Gainesville along with bootcamps, workshops, events all around the world!

Future Events

She is in the process of planning her first Costa Rica retreat Jive with Danielle for 6 days in a bungalow in the jungle.

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