Jul 10, 2018 | in Trainer spotlights, Fitness, Lifestyle


 “…skillful, eloquent, and pain free movement…”


Trainer Lindsey Johnson believes that creating skill and eloquence through pain free movement is the self-care every body needs – “We only get one”.


When Lindsey realized that offering overpriced gym training wasn't the lifestyle he wanted, he took the leap of faith and started his own business - with little money and no clients to follow him. Because of this leap, the Holistic Fit community was created! 


“Holistic Fit is a local community of people in Carlsbad, CA united around health and wellness. We believe our bodies are our most valuable commodity and that taking care of them is one of the most important things we can do. We seek to educate, motivate, and inspire people to identify, pursue, and live the lifestyle of their dreams. “


“I believe that true fitness is a holistic process that takes time and is much more than the way we look, but is a product of who we are.”


Lindsey continues to Escape the Mundane with Holistic Fit, “…my gym is the outdoors, and I get to connect with people of all walks of life!” “Mundane is the norm and as the homie, Eminem, said, " a normal life is boredom." We were created for much more than gym selfies and proprietary protein blends. We each have unique purpose and the capacity to fulfill callings specific to us. The mundane is trying to fit someone else's mold and escaping the mundane is to refuse to do so.”


After a session, Lindsey’s goal for his clients is to feel “inspired, enthused, loved, deeply cared for, and equipped to live the highest quality of life”

You can catch Lindsey and his Holistic Fit community at their next event, it's FREE!

JULY 26 at 6PM



Check out his playlist to get inspired for his next sesh HERE!

Click here to see Lindsey's full schedule on GO SESH. See you in Carlsbad!