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Trainer Molly Kujawski created ExcelFit  from her love of movement, music, and people.

She motivates others to get active and healthy in creative ways. 

Molly's lifestyle has always been very active. As she became aware that mental illness was common in her family, she took it upon herself to integrate natural health, healing, and wellness. She works proactively to stay mentally and physically healthy while also inspiring and motivating others to do the same. Her approach to wellness is more than great workouts, it's about looking good and feeling good, now and for years to come.



ExcelFit offers cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and functional training, in-person and online; group classes, personal, semi-private, and small group training; health and wellness retreats, and comprehensive corporate wellness programs. Molly's programs offer targeted physical workouts, healthy meal recipes, and stress reduction strategies.

Where does Molly get all her motivation?

 "I really feel accomplished when I can change a client's mindset and help build up their self-esteem. When a client comes to me and is frustrated, depressed, and self-conscious and then I get to witness them morphing into a better version of themselves over time - it's the absolute best! I love to see their confidence and happiness grow and also help change people change their bodies and encourage people to develop life-long healthy habits."

"I know our time is precious..." Molly's goal is to create an atmosphere that is fun and energetic while creative and challenging. She strives to make sure each client feels more alive than before their workout and that their time was well spent.

"I want them to feel happier when they leave and proud of themselves for coming!"



Molly is not only a 'fit'trepreneur but a foodie! As she inspires others through ExcelFit, she also provides resources for healthy habits. As a blogger, she creates through curiosity of personal struggles with nutrition and fitness. A few things you'll find in her blog posts are ways of keeping healthy habits, effective workout techniques, and (most excitingly) recipes for tasty desserts!

"I love to bake & making healthier versions of desserts... I also love to try new healthy dishes that I can make for my family and am a true foodie at heart..."


She is always on the search of new, clean-eating meals and ways to improve nutrition and fitness.



One of Molly's greatest ongoing achievements as a trainer comes from hosting retreats. She has hosted three wellness retreats in Tulum, Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; and Dahlonega, Georgia. Retreats are a way for her to unplug and connect with others - laugh, inspire, share, cry, move, motivate.

The purpose to Molly's retreats are to create amazing bonds and unforgettable experiences. She sees retreats as a unique way to connect with others that can't be done in the normal, day-to-day setting. She encourages people to step away from their busy lives and to enjoy beautiful settings where they can create fun experiences centered around health and fitness.



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WEDNESDAYS | Sweat with a variety of Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio, & Barre in MIXTAPE

FRIDAYS | Combine strength and cardio intervals in HIIT STRENGTH

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Check out her playlist! You may hear some of these beats while taking an ExcelFit sesh!

It's time to excel!