Trainer Spotlight: Szilvia Campbell

May 11, 2018 | in Trainer spotlights, Fitness, Lifestyle

Adventurous. Witty. Nurturing. 

These are the three words Forrest Yoga instructor Szilvia Campbell uses to describe herself, and her practice is just the same.

Forrest Yoga is a healing modality for the modern people, bringing healing to body mind and Spirit,” explains Szilvia. “We do a lot of core work and sequence our classes intelligently, not only to avoid possible injuries but also to initiate a healing conversation and 'mend our broken/forgotten parts', inviting our Spirit back home in the body. It is an empowering practice!”


Szilvia has created a yoga sanctuary in her home which allows her to be her own boss, create her own schedule, and above all else, empower others. “Not being in mainstream yoga industry feels like it helps me stay authentic and real, and not change according to 'trends' out there,” says Szilvia. “It’s teaching me to adapt quickly if something is not working. It’s also teaching me to be in a 'growth mindset' by taking feedback and not settling with what worked yesterday but to always grow and expand.”


In Szilvia’s classes, you will let go of any reservations and truly be yourself. Her classes are full of love, acceptance, and new experiences.

At Szilvia’s first ‘Sexy, Raunchy, Yoga’ sesh, women gathered to the home sanctuary to break down their inner limits to feel liberated and empowered. In the middle of the room was a shrine with various objects, like scents, snakeskin, flowers, and water, that represent our ruC3Ko4m7BWKsvTw5aN12Q2rOvV6rFjGr9sBEavbXSgD5s35Ch1UgobdgTJZVU9Hw9AZiSezqqvYEFVH9H4j2QW4in-gzBq70avyPMLIuO2Rb4OiCpXxb3oVlRrJlO2N87Zu3Q8Ffeelings and experiences as women. There is no fixed meaning for them, they’re simply symbols to relate to and be around; to bring out our strengths and vulnerabilities.  

Szilvia encouraged us to be one with our womanhood, to let go of any toxicity from outside and inner voices, and to break down dancing to her playlist of sensual songs. She created a safe space to challenge our limits and feel comfortable in our skin.

Szilvia also offers ‘Yoga Hour in the Urban Jungle,’ which is open to all and embraces the same techniques. You will learn to listen to your body and your emotions to eventually heal and live a better and happier life. I love seeing my students' AHA moments, seeing them succeed and getting strong,” says Szilvia.

Feel the effects of her sessions by listening to Szilvia’s playlists:

Emotional Body Balance Class

Wild Fun

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