You've stumbled on our site because you're feeling burnout. You may be experiencing mental, physical or spiritual fatigue, and searching for a healthy & holistic way to re-energize your Spirit. You inherently know that the way you've been going about life is not sustainable long term, and are searching for a deeper more meaningful sense of peace. You're craving a sense of community and support from a tribe of folks that know where you're coming from and are committed to helping you be your most authentic self.

Welcome to 33rd & RiSING Center for Healing dedicated to holding space for communities of color and our allies to RELAX. We teach ways to reduce stress, reverse dis-ease, release traumas and increase energy through modalities like: Women's Circles, Reiki Therapy, and Canna Yoga, as well as 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching. Our clients are yearning to strike a balance between their busy work lives, beautiful cultures and actively prioritizing their self care. They are interested in adopting a more holistic and mindful approach to their relationship with food, their life and towards their healing.

There is space for everyone here to unpack in what ever way that looks like for them. We look forward to holding space for you as you Heal.


Training Location

Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.