Join the Positive High Collective as we GIVE BACK & TAKE CARE.
We will be joining The Pacifica Beach Coalition on their Monthly Clean-Up of Linda Mar Beach.
About Pacifica Beach Coalition:
"We’re a growing community of ‘Earth Heroes’ teeming with passion for protecting and preserving the health of our ocean, beaches, wildlife, and coastal environment.
Together we’re a powerful force for positive change, building and delivering a model for sustainable environmental stewardship and kinship among all ages through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action in the Bay Area.
Throughout the year, you can connect with others who care and take action by leading and influencing positive change for our environment. The opportunities are limitless!"
"About Linda Mar State Beach:
Also known as Pacifica State Beach, Linda Mar is a wide crescent-shaped beach favored as a local surfing spot, and one of the most loved and used beach in Pacifica by residents and visitors alike. Located adjacent to Highway 1, it features a coastal trail stretching along the beachfront to enjoy from one end to the other, and is critical habitat for the threatened Western Snowy Plover. In addition to beach cleanups, it is the site of native habitat restoration events providing hands-on learning experiences for participants.
Between 1989 and 2005, Linda Mar underwent an extensive beach habitat restoration program, in association with the San Pedro Creek flood control and habitat restoration. It is one of the first beaches to utilize managed retreat as a method of shoreline protection. In addition to beach nourishment, habitat for four threatened and endangered species was restored, and community access with expanded parking lots, trails and new restrooms was enhanced. Over 1 million people visit Linda Mar annually." - Pacifica Beach Coalition


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Positive High Adventure: Linda Mar Beach Clean Up

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