Our Ethos

Escape the mundane

We believe in using fitness opportunities
to explore the world
to escape the mundane,
to connect with the community and environment around us.

The GO SESH life style was inspired by our Founder, who was born and raised on the stunning eastern coast of Australia. His definition of fitness goes beyond the four walls of gym,

“It's about picking up a surfboard and joining your mates to catch some waves, or going for a run through a beautiful forest. It's about using fitness as an opportunity to explore the world and to live your life to the fullest”.

We believe in changing the way you see fitness; More adventure, less treadmill. More spontaneity, less predictability. More curiousity, less fear

Since our UK launch in January 2017 we have done some pretty epic things, jungle runs, drum & bass yoga in a skatepark, rooftop bootcamps, surfing in portugal - out of this world experiences with the biggest legends


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